The Fathers Table

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From Our Table, to Yours

The Father's Table is a privately owned, national dessert manufacturer located in Sanford, Florida.  The company began in 1998 in a Daytona Beach bakery and with rapid growth and success, has transformed into the number one branded cheesecake in the in store bakery.


The Father's Table was established in order to provide ongoing funding for The Father's Table Foundation.  The cornerstone of our mission is to "Share the Bounty of Life" with the less fortunate.  We strive to achieve this mission by providing delicious, value-added "everyday desserts" that bring family and friends together daily.

It has been through the hard work and determination of our employees, that we have been able to expand our product offering to include a variety of cheesecakes to other specialty desserts, oat bars and school lunch items.  No longer just in bakeries, The Father's Table has grown to Food Service, Convenience Stores and School Food Programs.

We continue to strive for excellence in quality in all we provide; from our table, to yours.